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Наша компания в г.Пекин «Apella one» co. ltd
Имеет частного партнера желающего покупать 2000000 баррелей нефти в месяц. Все документы есть. Ваши возможности? контракт годовой. Поставка через порт Козмино или Находка, на юг Китая. Ваше предложение?
С уважением. +79146841050 Александр Александрович [email protected]

We will deliver crude oil to you. 300000toon in month.
Buyer secures his own Tankers/ VLCC to load the NLCO (BLCO) at
F O B - Offshore - floating facilities of Qingdao, Lanshan and Rizhao / China
1. Buyer and Seller sign and seal the S P A / Contract and the NCNDA & IMFPA after receiptof
Buyer's LOI or ICPO with Buyer's-Bank-details and Seller's Procedure.
2. Seller provide the Offshore- POP- Storage Documents for Verification between Seller's ShippingAgent- China and Buyer's Shipping-Agent- China :
2.1) Tank-Receipts of the requested purchase-amount. (Original)
2.2) Discharge - Certificate. (Copy)
2.3) Storage - Certificate. (Copy)
2.4) Storage- Information. (Copy)
2.5) Proforma - Comm.- Invoice of the Seller - NNPC-JVO to initiate Buyer's MT700 of the first cargo.
3. Seller's- Shipping Agent will confirm the availability of the cargo to Buyer's Shipping Agent by phone and
by E-mail and/or FAX according to the POP- storage- documents.
3.1. Or Verification and final approval via Qingdao -Tank master. (Lawyer/Notary of the NNPC inFareast)
4. The Shipping Agents or Tank master (Lawyer/Notary) confirms the legal authenticity of the PPOP- storagedocuments and the prompt availability of the cargo; the visually verification are not allowed at this stage.
5. Buyer's-Bank issues SWIFT- MT700 (DLC) to Seller's Bank for the first cargo of abt.2-4 Mill. Bbl according
to the wording/ text of the Seller.
6. Buyer provides his Vessel/Tanker-details (Q88) to the Seller abt.5 days before of arrival at agreed Offshoreloading terminal or Offshore-location of the Transshipping - vessel to vessel.
The Seller will arrange the technical check of Buyer's Tanker for Buyer's expenses.
7. The SGS- / Q&Q-action will be done on Seller's Offshore-floating-facilities or Tanker in order to use this SGSCertificate/ Q&Q-result of the cargo-out-turn barrels for Seller's Commercial-Invoice to the Buyer for the final
Payment by MT103 of the Buyer.
8. Buyer's vessel loads the cargo at Seller's Offshore- facility or the cargo will be loaded as an OffshoreTransshipping- action. (Tanker to Tanker)
9. 9.1. Buyer's Payment by SWIFT- MT103-72 will be done to Seller's- Fiduciary-Bank-account.
9.2. The Title ownership-transfer from Seller to Buyer will be arranged.
9.3. Buyer's final Payment by SWIFT- MT103 to Seller's Fiduciary Bank-account.
9.4. The usual 3 x Interim-Payments according to the wording/ text of the MT700 will be arranged
Via the MT700 only. (Terminal Operators / Captain / Cargo Documents = in total abt. US-$ 525K)
10. The Seller pays the Commission according to the IMFPA of the agreed Recipients.
11. Buyer places MT700 (DLC) and Seller makes subsequent Shipments of the annual Contract

С уважением!!
тел. +79146841050
Директор Лунёв Александр Александрович
[email protected]

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